Philanthropies in Ireland 2020

Classifying Irish philanthropies

Benefacts has adopted an approach to classifying philanthropies according to their purpose and their activities. Where possible, we have consulted them and used their published disclosures but the boundaries between types are not always clear-cut. Contact us if you would like to propose an alternative classification for any of the philanthropies listed below.

Classification is not the same as institutional form. Private charitable trusts are defined in law under the Charities Act 2009 but not all operate as philanthropic organisations - some are dedicated to fund-raising for a specific charity; we have classified these elsewhere and excluded them from this list.

Classification by philanthropic purpose and activities is not the same as institutional form. For example, some family foundations are constituted as companies limited by guarantee and their financial statements are publicly available. Others are constituted as private charitable trusts which means their filings to the Charities Regulator are not publicly disclosed.

Follow the links in the lists below to read more about any of these philanthropies on their Benefacts listing.


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