A benchmark report from Benefacts.

In response to requests from charities and their lead bodies, Benefacts produced a special report on Irish charities in May 2021.

Charities in Ireland 2021 benchmarks the state of the sector using all of the latest available regulatory data from 5,364 charities. Thanks to cooperation from charities principal State funders in 2020 – in health and social services, local development, the arts and culture and other sectors – Benefacts has identified a 10.7% uplift in State funding for charities across 8 sectors, from €4.2bn in 2019 to €4.7bn in 2020.

Besides analysing charities by sector, Benefacts new report on charities also provides a single point of access to reports and surveys undertaken within the sector during the first pandemic year, and by policy-makers or regulators.

Charities in Ireland 2021  will be followed in June 2021 by Benefacts annual report on the entire nonprofit sector. Contact us if you would like to be notified when the new report is available.

Erratum. This report was updated on 21st May 2021 to amend the percentage increase in aggregate State funding. The correct figure is 10.7%. The State funding percentages on the following pages have been updated: pages 3, 7,12,14,16,17.