The Benefacts project has come to an end. This free public website will be taken down on the 14th of February and the company will cease operations a month later. Read more.
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All of the information on comes from publicly-available records.

Before Benefacts can deploy it, we need to process the data about each individual nonprofit organisation in a number of ways.

We match it.

This includes assessing whether a nonprofit has multiple names or many local branches. We bring together information on a single nonprofit from all regulatory sources and present it on a single page.

We digitize it.

We acquire financial statements as digital image files. Our expert financial data analysts re-key the contents of these documents into our database, including financial, governance and narrative information.

We augment it.

In each case, we search for the website address (URL) and Eircode of the nonprofit’s main address. We also assign a classification to each one.

We ID it.

Every nonprofit in Benefacts Database of Irish Nonprofits is given its own unique identifier. We map all of the nonprofit’s other identifiers (company number, CHY number, CRA number) against their Benefacts ID to avoid duplication, verify identity and facilitate data sharing.

We publish it.

Every nonprofit whose data appears on one or more public registers is given a listing on

In cases where publication of source documents would disclose personal data (for example, the personal details of company directors in their signatures to the constitution):

We redact it.


Last updated 21 May 2020