The Benefacts project has come to an end. This free public website will be taken down on the 14th of February and the company will cease operations a month later. Read more.
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The Charities Regulator is a body established by statute. Benefacts is an independent, not for profit company limited by guarantee with no regulatory powers or responsibilities. We aggregate, augment, structure, publish and analyse data on all nonprofits in a way that makes their work more accessible and transparent to the public, mainly by publishing it on this free public website.


Benefacts publishes information on more than 20,000 nonprofits – whether or not they are registered as charities – by re-using data which it accumulates from many public sources, including the public register of charities.

In some cases this means Benefacts has more data about charities, because they have provided information to other regulators as well, which we amalgamate into their listing on

In other cases, the Benefacts listing may be more up to date, for example because a charity has updated the names of its Directors to the Companies Registration Office.

In a very limited set of cases, organisations listed on the Register of Charities are not included on this website. This is because they are public bodies, established and controlled by the State, and they do not conform with the widely-used definition of a nonprofit organization adopted by Benefacts. Download the list of public bodies which are on the Register of Charities.


Last updated 21 May 2020