The future of Benefacts is uncertain. Find out more

Benefacts has adapted and localised the international classification standard for nonprofit organisations.

Using evidence from their constitution, regulatory declarations or other publications, we classify all of the nonprofits in our database into one or other of the sub-sectors in this classification system. This facilitates comparative and trend analysis, including international comparison. Use advanced find to search for nonprofits by sector or sub-sector.

Sector Sub Sectors
1   Arts, culture, media
  • heritage and visitor attractions
  • media, film
  • museums and libraries
2   Recreation, sports
  • sports organisations
  • recreational clubs, societies
  • agricultural fairs
3   Education, research
  • primary education
  • secondary education
  • education support
  • research
  • adult and continuing education
  • pre-primary education
  • third-level education
  • vocational and technical education
4   Health
  • health services and health promotion
  • mental health services
  • hospitals
  • addiction support
  • residential care centres
  • hospices
  • residential mental health services
5   Social services
  • pre-school childcare
  • family support services
  • services for people with disabilities
  • services for older people
  • youth services
  • services for Travellers and ethnic minorities
  • emergency relief services
  • homelessness services
6   Local development, housing
  • local development
  • job creation
  • social housing
  • social enterprise
  • sheltered housing
7   Environment
  • group water schemes
  • animal welfare
  • environmental enhancement
  • environmental sustainability
8   Advocacy, law, politics
  • advocacy
  • civil and human rights
  • legal services
  • politics
9   Philanthropy, voluntarism
  • fundraising
  • philanthropy
  • voluntarism
10   International
  • international development
  • international affiliation
11   Religion
  • religious associations
  • places of worship
  • dioceses, parishes
12   Professional, vocational
  • professional or sector representative bodies
  • trade unions, employer organisations
  • chambers of commerce


Read more about how Benefacts classifies nonprofits (download).

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Last updated 21 May 2020

Benefacts future is uncertain

At the end of July the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) wrote to say that they would provide no further funding for Benefacts after our current funding agreement expires on 31st December.

According to Minister Michael McGrath’s officials, the project “has met its initial policy rationale of assisting the development of a market for data on the nonprofit sector by stimulating demand from public bodies for such data”.

Despite our strenuous representations, DPER officials reconfirmed earlier this week that “this Department will not be providing further grants to Benefacts in 2021 following the expiration of the current Funding Agreement”. Accordingly the Board had no choice but to commence arrangements for winding up the company and terminating contracts including those with our 20 staff (15 full-time equivalents).