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Various governance standards and codes apply to nonprofits in Ireland.

Nonprofits must legally comply with any regulations relevant to companies, charities and other organisation types: read more

Organisation type Regulator/ code giver Code Enforcement
Charities Charities Regulatory Authority Charities Governance Code Mandatory for all charities from 2020
Charities Charities Regulatory Authority Guidance for fundraising charities Voluntary
Governing bodies for sport Sport Ireland Governance Code for Sport Mandatory for sports bodies that wish to receive funding from Sport Ireland
Universities Higher Education Authority Code of Practice for the Governance of Third Level Institutions Mandatory
Housing Housing Agency  Voluntary Regulation Code Housing Agency funding dependent on compliance
Major state-funded nonprofits (including Section 38 bodies and Benefacts) Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies By agreement between certain funders and nonprofits receiving State funds

Source: Benefacts

Last updated 21 May 2020