The future of Benefacts is uncertain. Find out more


Bespoke reports and webservices

Since 2015 Benefacts has provided many one-off datasets and analysis reports on request to a variety of users in the nonprofit, public and private sectors.

We provide a quarterly dataset to the Central Statistics Office to assist their analysis and reporting of nonprofit institutions serving households.


Bespoke reports

Here are some examples of other bespoke data and analysis services we have produced

  • customised datasets with trend analysis for academics, economists and sector analysts
  • benchmark reports for nonprofits to help them understand more about the profile of their own company in the context of its peers
  • sub-sectoral analyses to help administrators of corporate payroll giving schemes assess the potential for donations to support a particular cohort of nonprofits
  • financial analysis reports to support the advocacy campaigns of nonprofits as they communicate their needs to funders and policymakers
  • nonprofit directories for local authorities


Feedback from a large established charity:

“The report is excellent and is being used tonight in terms of a productivity analysis and by the Board next month in assessing potential merger partners. Thanks for all the work. It is much appreciated.”

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Benefacts has partnered with a number of public sector bodies – Government Departments, state agencies and local authorities, to build and test a prototype data analytic service called Benefacts Analytics. This supports policymakers, grant managers, financial controllers and auditors in accessing structured data about the nonprofits with which they have a funding relationship.

Each instance of Benefacts Analytics is unique to the commissioning agency and access is controlled by registration.

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All of the data on is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence. In using the data you accept these terms (read more).

When using our data, please acknowledge Benefacts or as the source.

Benefacts future is uncertain

At the end of July the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) wrote to say that they would provide no further funding for Benefacts after our current funding agreement expires on 31st December.

According to Minister Michael McGrath’s officials, the project “has met its initial policy rationale of assisting the development of a market for data on the nonprofit sector by stimulating demand from public bodies for such data”.

Despite our strenuous representations, DPER officials reconfirmed earlier this week that “this Department will not be providing further grants to Benefacts in 2021 following the expiration of the current Funding Agreement”. Accordingly the Board had no choice but to commence arrangements for winding up the company and terminating contracts including those with our 20 staff (15 full-time equivalents).