The future of Benefacts is uncertain. Find out more

Benefacts is a social enterprise that was established in 2014 as a nonprofit company to transform the accessibility and transparency of Ireland’s nonprofit sector.


The principal activity of the company is the creation, maintenance and deployment of an extensive database derived from the public regulatory disclosures (including the financial statements where available) of all entities within scope, and the provision of data, information and web services derived from the database.

This involves:

  • improving information about and understanding of the work of all Irish nonprofits
  • promoting greater public confidence in the use of the public’s money
  • providing decision-makers with timely access to reliable data, collected and classified in a way that facilitates analysis
  • devising and developing web-based services to help reduce bureaucratic overheads and support administrative reform, specifically in line with the Government’s public service reform agenda
  • providing the sector with data and informational tools that will support business planning at the level of organisations and sub-sectors

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Benefacts future is uncertain

At the end of July the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) wrote to say that they would provide no further funding for Benefacts after our current funding agreement expires on 31st December.

According to Minister Michael McGrath’s officials, the project “has met its initial policy rationale of assisting the development of a market for data on the nonprofit sector by stimulating demand from public bodies for such data”.

Despite our strenuous representations, DPER officials reconfirmed earlier this week that “this Department will not be providing further grants to Benefacts in 2021 following the expiration of the current Funding Agreement”. Accordingly the Board had no choice but to commence arrangements for winding up the company and terminating contracts including those with our 20 staff (15 full-time equivalents).