5 December, 2018

Benefacts is planning for the future, and we’d like your help.

This time last year, we asked for your views about our free public website, and based on that feedback, we took steps to improve the functionality of the site and the accessibility of the data.

You can now use the new advanced search facility on benefacts.ie to isolate nonprofits by geography, institution type, classification, charitable purpose, financial scale and/or regulatory status. People are using this facility, for example, to discover charities that qualify for tax efficient gifts, or to analyse the profile of compliance with best practice standards in financial reporting or governance.

Now we’d like to hear from you again, whether you are a regular user or an occasional visitor. Why do you visit the website? What do you like/what don’t you like about the experience? How could we improve it further?

Go to the consultation website at https://consult.benefacts.ie and make your views known before 21st December. This survey is being managed for us by CiviQ - they will be preparing an analysis of your views and in a further round of consultation will invite you to participate in a new type of survey on the views that everyone has shared.

We’re especially interested to hear from people who visit the site often, use the free public API, and/or regularly take print-offs of the content or download documents. How does Benefacts support your work? Is there anything more you think we could do to help make the work of Irish nonprofits even more transparent and accessible?

We hope you find this a helpful opportunity to shape the future of Benefacts and look forward to your participation.