27 March, 2018

It’s been a while since we published any news about ourselves, so here’s an update!

We are delighted to have completed the negotiation of new three-year funding agreements with the Ireland Funds and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform for our contribution to making the work of all Irish nonprofits more accessible and more transparent.

We’ve been working on our second annual sector analysis report, for publication mid-April. This year’s report will contain more analysis of Ireland’s philanthropy sector – watch this space.

We’ve welcomed some new staff to the executive team at Benefacts. Declan Burke has joined as principal data architect – he’ll be managing the transition to a data warehouse that is better adapted to the volume of data we’re processing, and the growing demands for data-related services. Myles Dolan is our new software design engineer – he’s working with Declan and with principal software engineer Jeff Eldridge to improve the quality and effectiveness of our data processes. Kate McCarthy has joined us as data analyst, bringing her extensive experience in data mining and interpretation to our growing ticket of analysis projects. And Paula Nyland has stepped up to a more senior management role, overseeing Benefacts operations as well as leading all of our financial analysis processes. See the full list of Benefacts people here.

We’ve initiated an overhaul of our website with many functional enhancements as well as significant volumes of additional data. We’ve had a lot of feedback since the site was originally launched nearly two years ago - if you’d like to offer any insights into how benefacts.ie could work better for you, please take our survey and look out for Benefacts.2 in the summer.

Finally, we have produced our own directors' report and financial statements, completed the audit, held our Annual General Meeting and filed our 2017 return to the CRO. Download Benefacts latest annual report here.