14 June, 2017

Benefacts Nonprofit Sector Analysis 2017. (LtoR) Adrienne Regan (Davy), Neil Pope (Millington Pope) and Faye Drouillard (The Giving Circle(s) of Amsterdam & Ireland) pictured at the launch of the inaugural annual Benefacts Nonprofit Sector Analysis 2017 in the Royal Irish Academy on Friday, 28th April. This benchmark report by Benefacts is the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of nonprofit organisations in Ireland, including registered charities. View the report at www.Benefacts.ie/analysis.

“This kind of data is a public good"

Faye Drouillard, Founder - The Giving Circle(s) of Amsterdam & Ireland, deemed the publication of the sector analysis report to be a positive step for the sector, and a very timely one.  She considers this information to be a public good; something that everyone has a right to know.


[video width="720" height="404" mp4="https://en.benefacts.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Vox2-Faye-Drouillard.mp4"][/video]

Read the Benefacts Nonprofit Sector Analysis 2017 here