18 July, 2016

In recent weeks, lots of people have been using Benefacts to learn more about the “arrangements with service providers” provided for under Section 38 of the Health Act, 2004.

Currently, 43 nonprofits receive funding from the HSE under Section 38 – you can find the list by typing “health”, then using the search filter for Section 38 funding on www.benefacts.ie.

Here’s the current list of “Section 38 agencies”, with links to their individual listings on benefacts.ie. Most are also registered charities. You can use this to learn about their institutional and financial profile, their funding from various Government and non-government sources, their governance, their regulators and lots more besides, including a link to each of their own websites. If you like, you can also use Benefacts to download their constitution and their audited financial statements for free.

If you’re interested, you can do the same with nonprofits funded by the HSE under Section 39 of the Health Act. Benefacts currently provides information on 884 of these, derived from their regulatory filings – here’s the list – although not all are in the health sector, and only 565 are registered charities, and 755 have a CHY number from Revenue - according to the most up-to date information available from these regulators.

Use the filters to explore “Section 39” nonprofits that provide services in social housing for example, or, sport, or the arts.

Benefacts aggregates publicly-available records from multiple regulatory sources to build the Database of Irish Nonprofits. Use our knowledge base to learn more about the sources of our data, and check back regularly for updates.